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Apex is first and foremost the Saricyan brothers who travel the world in search of the best products. Over the years, they have developed lasting relationships with suppliers from all over the planet thanks to the trust they inspire. Since 1999, the company has not stopped growing, and they aim to become the benchmark in Canada in terms of new flavors. Apex makes a point of making the consumers of its customers travel. And it works!

At Apex, we live up to its name; we embody the benchmark, the top, and the best. The Saricyan brothers are the founders and travel the world in search of the best flavors in order to distribute them to major Quebec chains. The authenticity and dynamism of Apex characterize the company. Its brand must be the seal of quality!


The company has been built on strong values of integrity, respect and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Apex knows its work ethic is impeccable and its products are of exceptional quality: Apex is a passionate company and the brand must inspire that pride.


Apex works tirelessly to supply their products to as many businesses as possible in Quebec. Constantly reaching new heights and constantly growing, it wishes to become a national leader in its field and to be recognized as the essential company that values quality and excellence without compromise. We at Apex think big and the brand has to live up to it!


Apex's mission is simple: to import products with high commercial potential in order to help its customers stand out from their competition. We provide consumers here with a collection of products that take them on a journey.

Apex Trades Inc., importer and distributor of fine food products was founded in 1999 by the Saricyan Brothers, Alen and Sarven.

From our very humble beginnings to this day, the pillar of our success was built around our strong values, integrity, respect and quest for excellence.

We take great pride in importing the best available products from around the world and distribute them to a variety of food chain-stores, retail stores, wholesalers, food service and caterers regardless of their size.

Apex Trades has achieved an increasing growth rate over the years as a result of our commitment to impeccable service.

It is with great enthusiasm that our team works relentlessly to bring our services to all corners of Quebec and our goal is to get established as of one of the leading food distributor across Canada.

We believe that the only way to achieve our goal is through creating partnerships with our suppliers as well as our customers.

Thanks to our dynamic team of great individuals, we remain readily available to provide you with quality products and service.

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